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The Settlers Online

Bun venit

17.03.2023 New Seasonal Event!

Dear Adventurer,
Reports of barbarian activity are increasing across your home island and in the distant sectors surrounding it; something must be done to protect your Settlers! Tackle barbarian-themed adventures and take advantage of a +100% boost on all resources, refills, and experience points!

  • What: Adventure Boost
  • When: March 17th - March 27th
  • Which: Horseback, Surprise Attack, The Nords, The Invasion of the Nords, Roaring Bull, Raid of the Nords

Happy settling!
"The Settlers Online" Team

15.03.2023 The Great St. Patrick's Makeover!

Dear Settlers,

Are you ready to go green for this year's Saint Patrick's Day on Friday? We want to see how you celebrate the great green festivities and will reward the best contributions and most creative contributions with some lucky and shiny loot!

Saint Patrick's Day

Check out the full details on our forum!

Will you don your meanest and greenest costume? Or maybe prepare to decorate your home island that would make even Greenland jealous!? No matter what idea you come up with, we can't wait to see all your entries!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!
Your "The Settlers Online" Team

07.03.2023 Change log 15.03.2023

Dear settlers,

This game update includes the Valentine Event resource conversion & several bug fixes!

Read more about the version in our Change Log

Happy Settling,

Your "The Settlers Online" Team

18.01.2023 Unification of the login: Ubisoft

Dear Settlers,

We will soon only support Ubisoft Connect accounts in order to ensure better support and a clearer access point to the game. If you are currently using Facebook accounts, please migrate them to Ubisoft accounts via your profile settings

Follow the "step by step" guide to migrate!

From 23.01.2023 the login via Facebook will automatically redirect you to the migration page. It will no longer be possible to access the game without migrating.

Happy settling,
Your "The Settlers Online" Team

19.08.2022 Forum Spotlight: DE - Menacer

Dear Settler-Builders,

Our Spotlights continue and today we would like to introduce you to the beautiful artwork of Menacer. Using anchor stone kits, he has recreated, among other things, a Blue Watchtower and Oasis Residence.


Check out his artwork in our Forum!

Happy settling!

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