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The Settlers Online

Bun venit

19.09.2017 Crisis Quest - The Bandit's Counterattack

Dear Settlers,
We're in a time of crisis again: In The Bandit's Counter attack oriental looters are planning to steal the riches from your island.

  • Start: Tuesday, September 19th, 11:00 EEST
  • End: Tuesday, September 26th, 11:00 EEST
  • Who: Level 16-75

WatchtowerWatchtower - Main reward - Offers space for 120 Settlers

You have 1 week to complete the quest and gain valuable rewards!
Further information can be read in the forum.

Good luck!


15.09.2017 Dev Notes: Adventure Classification

Dear Settlers,

If you're still not convinced about the necessity of reclassifying adventures, our latest Dev Notes highlight four different benefits of this change.

Read about the differences between the old system and the new one and many other aspects in our forums.

> Dev Notes <

Happy Settling,

15.09.2017 Send us a postcard: Second winner!

Dear players,

The second winner of our Community event, French player sansgene, has leather crafted a parrot, confirming once again our settlers' longing for exotic islands!

Oh là là !

Check out the cool story behind this postcard in our forum

The Settlers Online Team

07.09.2017 Ask Me Anything: More Answers

Dear players,

In our latest round of answers, Game Design discusses famous game misuses and our Project manager reveals what game character they would bring to life and why.

Blocking, locking, adventure leeching and other "good" deeds!

Sounds interesting, right? Read all about it and more in our forums!

Have fun!
The Settlers Online Team

04.09.2017 Dev Diary: Adventure Type Rework

Dear Settlers,

Classifying various adventures in The Settlers Online can become a difficult task. Our developers have thoroughly redesigned this feature for a better understanding, as a new UI has been implemented to match the new difficulty levels. 

Find out all the ins and outs about the adventure classification in our latest Dev Diary and read more about the new game version in our change log!

Happy settling!

10.08.2017 Halloween Event 2017

Dear Settlers,

With only a few weeks left of Summer, the time has come to finally start testing the upcoming Halloween event! Two brand new items will be introduced which you will want to look at very thoroughly ;).

Break production like you've never seen before!

Of course, there are many other new things to be discovered!
Find out more details about this event in the Sneak Peek and test it on tsotesting.com!


28.07.2017 Flash popup and warnings

Dear Settlers,

The latest versions of Chrome and Edge allow Flash contents only to be started after explicitly allowed to. Our website cannot recognize this "Click to play" setting. It assumes you've got an old Flash version installed and asks to update it. 

Adobe Flash, Edge,  Google Chrome logo

If you click on the installation link, Edge and Chrome ask if the website shall be allowed to execute Flash. Confirm this and everything will work just fine.

We put together a FAQ that will guide you through the process in more detail.

We'd like to thank our forum community for providing valuable input to this topic! This helped us a lot putting some scenarios together.

Happy Settling!

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