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The Settlers Online

Bun venit

12.11.2018 Change log 20.11.2018

Dear Settlers,

The upcoming game version will feature the Weekly Challenges, the Training Ground buildings and will also place the Medic General & Scouting Post in the in-game shop!

Read more about this upcoming game version in our latest change log.

Happy settling,

31.10.2018 Halloween Gifts

Greetings, fellow scientists!

You receive a note from your resident Mad Scientist to visit him in the Laboratory - he's excited about some sort of daring experiment. Worrying that he's about to unleash some sort of Frankenstein monster, you rush down to see what's going on!

Check your in-game mail!

Log in to find out the rest of the story and claim your gifts! 

Happy Halloween Event!
The Settlers Online Team

25.10.2018 One-time Halloween Gem Package

Dear Settlers,

When you're out trick-or-treating this Halloween season, why not add some Gems to your candy bags? We're offing an exclusive Halloween Gem Package!

Halloween Special Gem Package

  • Start: 25th of October 2018
  • End: 17th of November 2018
  • Bonus: +125%
  • Restrictions: One purchase per player

If you're still eligible to purchase a Starter Pack, the Halloween Promotion Pack will take its place until either it's bought, or the offer ends. 

Creep on over to our spooky shop to find out more!

Happy Halloween!
The "Settlers Online" Team

25.10.2018 Sneak Peek: Christmas Event 2018

Dear Settlers,

With Winter just around the corner, we think it's time to give you a taste of what you can expect for this year's Christmas Event. There are two brand new surprises for you to get excited for, which will make two very good additions to your home-island!

Introducing the Christmas Market and the Versed Geologist! Give them both a test-drive over on our test server and read all the details in our latest festive Sneak Peek! Don't forget to leave us your feedback; maybe with a glass of milk and a mince pie too!

Happy settling,

19.10.2018 Dev Diary: Halloween Event 2018

Dear Settlers,

As this year's Halloween Event is creeping around the corner, it's time to feast your eyes on the newly published Dev Diary and find out more about the upcoming features:

  • New Quest Campaign: Can you save the Terrorized Town?
  • New General: Recruit the Mad Scientist for some explosive results!
  • New Buildings: Experiment in The Laboratory to master the art of transmutation.
  • New Seasonal Adventures: Now rewarding 2x experience points on completion!

Read all the ins and outs of this year's Halloween Event in our Dev Diary!

Happy haunting!

27.09.2018 Sneak Peek: Weekly Challenges

Dear Settlers,

A new content update has just been introduced today on the test server: Weekly Challenges! Complete them to gain tokens in order to upgrade unique buildings!

Find out how the weekly challenges work in our Sneak Peek or test them out directly on our test server!
Sneak Peek | tsotesting.com

Happy testing!

05.09.2018 Chrome update: Flash player

Dear Settlers,

The latest versions of Chrome (69) deactivates the Flash plugin be default on all websites every time you close and open the browser. 

Adobe Flash, Google Chrome logo

When clicking on "Play now", our website asks you to install Flash. Click on the "Flash player installation"-link. Chrome will ask if it shall activate the Flash Plugin. Click "yes" and enjoy playing The Settlers Online!

Happy Settling!


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